Landers Central is the diner of Landers Superstore, where customers can sit and relax after the heavy grocery shopping. The dining experience here is very similar to SNR. Both serve American favorites like pizza, fried chicken, hot dog sandwiches and fries.


For the soup, instead of the clam chowder we are used to at SNR, Landers Central offers Lobster Bisque. It’s also creamy but I prefer the taste of clam chowder 🙂


We ordered two slices of pizza to share. They actually have 4 flavors to choose from: New York Cheese Deluxe, Manhattan Supreme, Bronx Pepperoni and Brooklyn Bomber.

We ordered for the Brooklyn Bomber and Manhattan Supreme. Both were good!

landers_lobster-3-800x450 landers_lobster-4-800x450

Have their membership now at any of their 2 branches:
Edsa Balintawak, Apolonio Samson, Quezon city
Otis, Manila