We all know the sriracha chili sauce with the rooster sign was originated in Thailand. It became a hit here when it was served in a Pho Noodle Soup restaurant where sriracha was on the table for the dipping sauce of their noodle soup.

Sriracha became known here. People started creating sriracha flavored foods because of the unique kick of spiciness it can give.  As we are exploring Landers Superstore, I was about to miss this when I heard someone from my back telling to his companion, “Oh! It’s here”. I wait for them to go and check for the interesting item that they finally found and I saw Sriracha Mayo. I find it intriguing so I bought one.


The consistency is same with mayo but with a light kick. It’s actually good on anything! You can put it in your fries, buffalo wings, hotdogs, burgers, chips, salad dressing..anything to give a creamy kick to your favorite snacks. It’s not really super spicy, just enough to give the food a nice touch!  It can be for dips, sauce and spread!

Just Mayo
Landers Superstore